BECCA BOWEN Videos Blog-O-Rama (coming soon) Events & Shopping Style, Lifestyle, Love Becca’s On-Board Pack List... tell me what YOU bring that’s not on the list yet! BECCA’S ON-PLANE PACK LIST THIS IS A “PICK and PACK” list.  Simply mark out everything you don’t need, check the things you already have (AFTER you pack them, of course!) and circle what you need to pick up! BE CERTAIN TO HAVE ON PLANE,  (rather than in checked luggage): *Passport *Train passes *Directions to your arrival   destination *Cash in currency of destination *Cash/credit cards for plane use *In Case of Emergency info (with   blood type) *Insurance cards *Travelers’ checks ON PLANE (includes overnight items, in case your luggage arrives later than you do!)   *Computer *Computer cord (otherwise, you   might forget it!) *Cell phone *Cell phone charger *Voltage converter *IPod/CD/DVD’s *CD/DVD Player *Camera/ *Video camera *Extra batteries *Books, magazines, business   paperwork *Floss *Tiny toothbrush *Tiny toothpaste *Breath mints/mouthwash *Hand sanitizer *Make-up *Wet wipes/make-up remover pads *Moisturizer *Sleep Mask     *Noise reduction headphones *Earplugs *Inflatable neck pillow *Snore strips (for others' sanity   and your dignity!) *Night retainer *Sweeteners not served: Stevia,   Splenda, agave *Contact lens case *Contact lens fluid *Deodorant *Sleep slippers/socks *Spiritual books & articles *Pashmina/ jacket *Sun screen *Change of shirt, undies (in case of    lost luggage, most handy!) Meds for plane: *Prescription med(s) *Regularly-taken over-the-counter   meds *Mild sleep aid (test-drive these at   least once before trip) *Airborne *Motion Sickness remedies (wrist   bands, oil, tablets) *Lozenges *Antihistamines *Band-Aids *Diarrhea med *Eye drops *Indigestion med *Laxative *Pain relievers *Insect repellent *Birth control *Cold med *Cough med (cough drops, tablets) *Disinfectant *Anti-bacterial prepation *Tranquilizers *Thermometer   Previous Blogs (coming soon) Any item you think we should add? Contact Becca : 214/924-0271